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(Archive) Messmerizing x Studio Wae

Maximum impact, zero waste

Circular outdoor pavement and circular rugs

Low CO2 footprint, social impact, resource reuse, better climate.

This project was part of DDW 2022
The Box, sustainable outdoor pavement 76% circular

the box; Maximum impact, no waste

This special tile is made from 76% recycled raw materials. We used the old pavement of platforms from Utrecht for this. This tile was created in collaboration with SSH and De Kwekerij for a beautiful sustainable project in Utrecht.

The Box: The outdoor pavement of a sustainable future. Lola: Modular Rug completely made from waste

The warm embrace at the reunion of a friend has been exchanged for an elbow or a box.

We were able to reflect on our buying and wasting behaviour.
Precious things were repaired and the attic was cleaned up. A lot has been thrown away in the past two years.

This year Studio Wae has launched The Box, a geometric tile made of 76% recycled raw materials, such as old pavement of platforms from Utrecht. The tile makes the connection between old and new and because of the optical illusion you don't know where it starts or ends.

This tile is for us the symbol where we have to go in the future. No waste of raw materials and only put beautiful sustainable products on the market with a good story.

We want to show that the future can also look bright.
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The Box, sustainable pavement

Lola : modular rug 100% made from waste

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Modular circular rug as seen last year

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