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(Archive) Messmerizing x Meester in Bloemen

Messmerizing x Meester in Bloemen

This project was part of DDW 2022

A Messmerizing sculptural flower landscape

With a Flower bag

During DDW MESSMERIZING Karin will show her unique and playful flower installation. Showcasing her power to translate unique emotions into sculptural; landscapes. Translating the Nature Face Tapestry utopia by Sandra Keja Planken into a wild and surprising experience.

The Hanakotobag is a design by Karin & Boaz to transport your flower in a sustainable manner. Showing Hanakotoba is a simplicity in life you can integrate daily. The origami way of designing this bag gives a refence to the Japanese way of living and looking at flowers or giving them. A high end social object which gives food for thought.


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