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Class of 22


Due to the turbulent times in the world, the alumni of Fontys Academy of Art, Communication & Design (ArtCoDe) started their projects with their inner worlds. Touching upon social issues they use new looks at the future as unifying factor. Immerse yourself in this exciting gathering of experiences.

ArtCoDe Class of 22

Eva van de Sande - Public Hair
Public Hair is part of the EVA project, where Eva deals with the question: 'To what extent is my body mine when I constantly adapt it to the beauty ideals and opinions of others?' In her projects she works on critical, investigative and autobiographical approach to this universal problem, thus sparking a discussion. The most important thing in her work is to work closely with her target group, and to create a safe place to connect and discuss.

Frans Roets - Beeldtaal
This project is about the visual language of tattoos that is translated into spatial, ceramic figurines. How do these normally flat designs work in a different context? The idea is to use the ceramic statues as a reference for a tattoo, just like the flash sheets of the old masters. These are then translated from a spatial design to a flat design.

Jeanne Shaw - Botanibooth
An interactive audiovisual installation in collaboration with plants.
I use the electrical charges off the plants as input for audio and visual software. This setup is used for live performances which allows the plants to perform. With this project I want to visualize the intelligent and fascinating processes in the botanical world. To accomplish this I wanted to use digital tools to get a better understanding of nature.

In recent years I became captivated by working with technologies as art medium. In my designs I like to discover new possibilities. With a background in spatial and visual design, I create interactive, social and playful experiences.

Lara Bol - Skate Seen
Skate Seen is a series of 3D hybrid objects that serve as skateboard ramps and photo studios (elements). They originated with the desire to create more authentic photos. Therefore Lara researched new perspectives and positions to photograph. The objects become an architectural intervention when placed in the public space.

Wout Peeters - Refraction
A normal mirror shows you the true version of yourself, perhaps confronts you with this truth. But what if a mirror can show you a different version of that same truth? How do you recognize the fragments in the mirror? What happens when you see a version of yourself that you didn't know existed? Could that new version be your true self, or another part of your fragmented identity? Dare to look at yourself from a new perspective, who knows, maybe see something in yourself that you didn't know existed.

About Fontys Academy of Art, Communicatien & Design

ArtCoDe (Art, Communication and Design) is a four year BA program at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. ArtCoDe educates students to become passionate all-round Experience Designers with a critical, investigative and socially involved attitude and mentality.

Refraction - Wout Peeters — © Wout Peeters