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No Space For Waste

(Archive) WasteCraft; let your waste tell your story

Creating conversation starters from organizations own waste streams; design objects made from waste with the power of PR.

This project was part of DDW 2022
Meeting table made from recycled bottle caps — © WasteCraft

WasteCraft makes design objects from a company’s own waste stream to help it tell its sustainability story in a more inspiring way. In all design objects you can still recognize the waste it was made from. We call them conversation starters: design objects with the power of PR.

Design from organizations own waste streams to them help tell a more inspiring sustainability story

Many companies do everything they can to be sustainable and to propagate this. When they do, they often tell a technical story about kilos and euros. It is not surprising that this is not the way to involve people in their sustainability story.

Creating Conversation Starters
WasteCraft helps companies to start and accelerate their sustainability story by making design products from their own waste material: 'conversation starters'.

Waste becomes design
WasteCraft strives to always clearly show in the design that the product is made from the company's own waste. They make an astonishing visual plate material from their own waste as a basis for the conversation starters.

Design changes the perspective
Because design has the ability to amaze people, to touch people's hearts, WasteCraft creates a completely different starting point from which to tell a company's sustainability story.

The power of PR
WasteCrafts design objects have the power to start a conversation. Recognizable waste transformed in design posses the power of PR. Projects for BEAT cycling and Karma Kebab are living proof of it.

Appletree-box made from broken fruit crates — © WasteCraft

22 meter long bar top from recycled bottle caps — © WasteCraft

Skateboard from recycled bottles from cyclists — © WasteCraft

Chairs from recycled Andrélon hair product bottles

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No Space For Waste

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Andere deelnemers

No Space For Waste