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Design Tours

Curators Tour | Microlab Hall

Microlab Hall is home to innovative concepts and products for a sustainable future. Here you will find the 'Things that Matter' exhibition and the nominees and winners of Dutch Design Awards. Things that Matter focuses on the relationship between the individual and the product. How can we redesign that relationship and make it more sustainable? At the exhibition of the winners and nominees of Dutch Design Awards, you will discover how design makes the world more intelligent, innovative, beautiful, and human. 

Design Tour information

  • For whom: Design and business professionals
  • Group size: max. 15 persons
  • Price: € 655,- excluding VAT
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Availability: Every day
  • Language: Dutch, English or on request


  • Professional Design Guide
  • Exclusive tour for your group
  • Entrance tickets for DDW22

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