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DAE: The Arena

By The Arena
Abandoning Nature?- Sunday 25 October 2020

Our relationship with nature and its resources has withered. Shaped by a self-centered social order, the language of legislature, consumer products and media have led us down a path towards indifference and panic. Through techniques of unveiling hidden values and storytelling, how can design help us gain vital knowledge of the complexities of nature, and rekindle a long lost bond?

Carla Khater (Research Director of Restorative Ecology, CNRS-Lebanon)  
Charly Blödel (Social Design, MA)  
Dean Bowen (Rotterdam City Poet Laureate)  
Hannah Segerkrantz (Well-Being, BA)  
Ignacio Subias (Leisure, BA) 
Madeleine Oltra (Well-Being, BA) 
Rebecca Lewin (Curator of Exhibitions & Design, Serpentine Galleries) 
Tiiu Meiner (The Arena Team)

With design research at its heart, The Arena is Design Academy Eindhoven’s (DAE) in-house platform for furthering dialogues on design discourse. It addresses and contextualises aspects of design practice that inform and surpass a final object or outcome.Tune in to DDW TV daily on  from 14:30-15:30 for panel discussions on the dilemmas of institutional critique, bio-politics and collective care, power structures behind invisible infrastructures, interrogations on cultural heritage and more. 

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