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Food: Health & Education


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The relationship between food and health is also increasingly an area in which designers find themselves. The influence of what you eat - and how much you eat - on your health is obvious. But what exactly causes what? Dairy, for example, is increasingly linked to various health problems, such as obesity or allergies. The role of food in relation to a good night's sleep is also becoming increasingly clear. But how do we learn about healthy food? School seems to be the right place to learn about food and healthy and sustainable eating behaviour. Food education assumes that there is a greater awareness of food when properly taught about food at a young age. It is important that children develop (playfully) knowledge about taste, consumer skills, healthy and sustainable eating and cooking. What is the role of the designer in this or what can it be? What initiatives are already in place in this area or have been completed and how do those involved look back on them? Can it bring about a change?