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DDW23 | Area Recap | Strijp T+R

By Dutch Design Week

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We've got another compelling reason to hop on a design ride because, in the beautiful natural surroundings behind Philips de Jongh Park, you'll discover BioArt Laboratories. A place where you can explore, in 15 mini-exhibitions, how design and biology amplify each other in the quest for a brighter future.

When you think of Strijp-R, you think of Piet Hein Eek. However, in this creative hotspot, there's much more to explore than just his workshop and exhibition. At Beyond Disposal by F O R M designlab, you become part of the kick-off for an investigation into our relationship with waste. And at Studio RENS, you witness the power of a study on colors and materials in practice with LINO UNDERCOVER. If you're up for a fascinating display of colors, Raw Color is your go-to choice. In their exhibition, Multiply, they showcase their colorful work from the past 15 years.

We conclude at Innovation Powerhouse, where storytelling about sustainability takes center stage in the project The Language of Sustainability. And on the square in front of Innovation Powerhouse, with Nature Deficit Disorder, you envision a future where architecture and nature harmoniously blend with body and mind.