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Design for a Changing World

China focus programme

The world in 2020 has taken a drastic turn, with the current pandemic and the urgent environmental threats, the dialogue with China is more pertinent than ever. BIAN 变, meaning change in Chinese refers to the Daoist "science of metamorphosis” which can lead to positive change and transformation. How can we accelerate design knowledge, exchange and learn from a crisis to come out more united, better and stronger?

Join us for a journey from ancient Chinese wisdom, the countryside to cutting edge design and circular technology in both China and the Netherlands; exploring different roads towards a better future.

Inspirational interview with Ma Yansong - founder MAD Architects
Discussion panel 1: Countryside - challenging traditions
Stephan Petermann
Herbert-Jan Hiep
Xinlin Song
Discussion Panel 2: Pioneers of change - design for a better environment Speakers
Steven Smit
Anouchka van Driel
Lyla Wu
Pei-Ying Lin
Panel 3: Intercultural cooperation during and after COVID Speakers
Monique Knapen
Miranda Yan
Mrs Lei Shen
Ronnie Kuppens

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