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Living coffin

Are you waste or compost?

By Bob Hendrix x Loop Biotech

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We live in a world where a dead tree has more value than a living tree.
What if we no longer work with dead materials, but with living organisms? Imagine breathing homes, self-healing T-shirts and living coffins.

If we are part of nature, then how come we act so differently?
We work with dead materials, while nature is so alive.
How can we become one with nature again?

The first step into this new world was below my feet this whole time.
Underneath the forest floor lives Mycelium the -root network of mushrooms- known as the world's biggest recycler. Continuously transforming dead organic matter and pollutants into fresh plant food that allows new seedlings to flourish.

We've found a way to become part of this system again. We are Loop and we are here to restore our relationship with nature. By using the power of mycelium we can bring back human nutrients into the cycle-of-life in the most natural way. We have designed and grown the first living coffin that enables you to not pollute the soil but to feed the earth and truly become part of nature by giving new life.