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Bump Galaxy: Virtual Care, E-health, Digital Love

A virtual world and community for mental health

By Bianca Carague

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Bump Galaxy is a virtual world and community for mental healthcare prototyped on the open-world sandbox game Minecraft. It became of more importance during the pandemic in which a need for new intimacy arose on digital platforms.

Bump Galaxy is a virtual community for mental health and care in a game world prototyped on Minecraft. In it, community members can visit several different Care Commons: a forest for meditation, sand dunes for reflecting on your dreams, a netherworld for facing your fears, a snowfield and underwater temple designed for uncovering trauma through deep hypnotic visualizations. Members of Bump Galaxy can also virtually meet mental health professionals from around the world who work together on collaborative game-specific care programs. Imagine a joint therapy session with a relationship counselor from Sweden and a hypnotherapist in Japan or participating in a collective sound bath in the rainforest by one of your favorite DJs.

Bump Galaxy deinstitutionalizes healthcare by bringing people together across national borders, care practices and knowledge worlds, blurring the lines between a care giver and care receiver. As the community grows, so does the world, making the landscape a direct reflection of the community’s collective healing.