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Virtual Sky

HeeJoon Kwak

By HeeJoon Kwak

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Soundscapes are always around us. They help us understand the space surrounding us and even enables us to sense what is out of our vision-sight. However, in a modern context, noise pollution is a major problem that distracts us in a conscious and an unconscious way.

The Virtual Sky App enables the user to take control of the soundscape they are in. Within the app, the user can place various sound elements such as wind, water, birds, wherever they wish. With more and more headsets and earphones having motion tracking sensors, the Virtual Sky App utilizes this data into placing the user in an immersive virtual sonic space with spatial audio technology. In other words, it is like sound VR/AR. The tracking data is used so that the sound sources are locked in their locations even when the user turns around or moves their head; resulting in a more real-world like experience of soundscapes.