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Designers on Things that matter

Dive deeper into the DDW21 subthemes

By Dutch Design Week

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The subtheme 'Things that matter' examines the relationship between people and products, and the design of value. Designers Nienke Hoogvliet, Antoine Peters and Ineke Hans explain how they deal with this in their work. Watch the video and read more about the subtheme in our magazine item.

As individuals, we actively focus on sustainability on all fronts. We separate our waste, we recycle and reuse, we 'green' and declutter. The demand for sustainability is also increasing among designers and manufacturers, in materials and in production processes. However, the search for sustainability is also about how we interact with products. DDW21 is examining this theme with the subtheme 'Things that matter', where the relationship between individual and product is central. How can we redesign that relationship and make it more sustainable?

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