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FoodLab Pulses


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Vegetable is booming. The supermarket is full of dairy and meat substitutes. Strangely enough, most flatulent burgers, stir fryers and breakfast drinks are made of soy beans from (far) foreign countries. While we can also grow our own protein-rich crops here.

So why aren't we massively growing soy, brown beans, chickpeas, lupins and field beans in the Netherlands? Simple: unknown makes unloved. There is still little demand for Dutch legumes, and that is a mortal sin. Because if we eat more legumes from our own country, it is a blessing for the environment, our soil and biodiversity. Time to think out of the box. FoodLab Pulses has brought producers of vegetable protein products together with designers to develop new concepts based on locally grown legumes. Concepts that are not only sustainable, but also add value to the crops. So that the Dutch legume will soon conquer the Dutch kitchen.