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Designers on One size won't fit all

Dive deeper into the DDW21 subthemes

By Dutch Design Week

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The subtheme 'One size won't fit all' is about the need for an inclusive, diverse society. A realisation that is slowly taking hold in society. Designers Wouter Corvers, Miao Li and Christina Michael explain how they deal with this in their work. Watch the video and read more about the subtheme in our magazine item.

An inclusive society is a society that is committed to the participation of all, a society in which every citizen has a stake and where the notion of mutuality is at the very core. It is also a society in which everyone feels seen and represented. These notions are often taken for granted in the Netherlands, but in practice, they are far from self-evident. For instance, to what extent is the House of Representatives a proportional and equal representation of society if it consists entirely of highly educated white men and women? And to what extent can they make laws and regulations for the country when society is so much more than a single homogeneous group? A discussion that is widely present in the greater society, but only sporadically so in the design sector.

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