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Curator Tour: Embassy of Rethinking Plastic

Dive into the world of plastics with Leonne Cuppen

By World Design Embassies

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This year, you can admire the projects of the Embassy of Rethinking Plastic with your own eyes. Designs that make you aware of other uses for plastic, such as light fittings in public spaces that also function as shelters or nests for flora and fauna. Or designs that show how plastic can be reused, such as the trainer with soles made from chewing gum, or the cladding made from old plastic window frames, drainpipes and rain gutters. Or dive into the world of reusable raw materials, where you will find household appliances made from nettles. You will also see how designers use nature to come up with something new. Curious? Leonne Cuppen takes you to the Embassy of Rethinking Plastic.