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DDW23 | Area Recap | Canal

By Dutch Design Week

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Just 5 minutes by bike or in a Design Ride from the station, you'll find the NRE-terrain, the first hotspot in the Canal Area. Get a warm welcome from the unique glass-blown light installations of Light makes you see colour that illuminate the former electricity building. Over at the Peelcentrale, you'll encounter more captivating fusions of light and glass, born from a unique partnership between light designers Aptum and dichroic glass artisans Sodalime. A bit further along, Bart Hess treats you to a completely immersive psychedelic dance performance with his Wave. And with The Body Building, you won't even need to step inside to be awed. It's a biobased structure constructed from hemp and wood, one of the pioneers of its kind in the Netherlands.

Following the canal, we come by Kiki and Joost's studio. They reveal the dynamic essence of work in progress with their exhibition Perpetuum Mobile. The subsequent stop in this area is the Koelhuis, where Bubble Trouble whimsically raises awareness about the metaphorical bubbles in our lives, spanning from social bubbles to economic ones like the housing market. In the Koelhuis's basement, Lichtspiel beckons—a voyage into the mystical attributes of 17th-century projection techniques.