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DDW23 | Area Recap | Sectie-C

By Dutch Design Week

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Getting there might require a bit of effort, but it's absolutely worth it. So, hop on one of the Design Rides or jump on your bike, and join us at the lively Sectie-C. It's a great way to get warmed up for The Body is a Movement, where you'll discover how to tune in to your body and mind. We've got more intellectual treats at VPRO Breinvoer, where we'll feed your sense of wonder. Over at Sectie-C's cultural hub, THE POOL, there's also plenty to captivate your interest.

We'll also explore Naomi Remijn's collection: modern objects inspired by the traditional techniques of Zeelandic folk attire. Speaking of craftsmanship and unique materials, Job van den Berg will showcase beautiful creations of wood and metal at his playground. Meanwhile, Comfort Me Please presents design collectibles crafted from a diverse range of materials. To wrap it all up, don't miss the smallest exhibition at DDW, courtesy of 1m2 Collective.