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Landbouw van de toekomst

By College van Rijksadviseurs

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This year the Embassy of Food 2020 shows a wide range of different food-related themes. Food is a broad topic, strongly intertwined with our daily lives, highly visible in society and extremely complex when it comes to food production - or (internationally) lack of food. For the renewed start of the Embassy of Food, it was therefore decided to program as much scope as possible around the theme of food in order to go into more depth in the coming years and to focus on one or a few topics.

How do we achieve an agriculture that provides farmers with a secure livelihood in an attractive and healthy landscape with high cultural-historical values and restored biodiversity The Board of Government Advisers, together with farmers, scientists and designers, is investigating such 'landscape-inclusive' agriculture in three pilots. Landscape-inclusive encompasses more than just nature. In addition to biodiversity, it also concerns the cultural-historical and recreational value of the landscape and sustainable forms of agriculture. The questions on the table are: what could the landscape look like in ten to thirty years' time and how can farmers earn a good living in it? Design research is being used to find an answer to these questions.