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Getting around

Visiting different exhibitions, events and activities during DDW is easy! The DDW locations can be reached easily by bike. Or make use of the Renault Design Rides. Show your DDW wristband and get a ride on Design Rides between the various DDW locations. And, depending on where you are, locations can also be reached on foot. Below are all the different options.

Renault Design Rides

With your DDW wristband, you can hitch a ride on the Renault Design Rides. The Renault Design Rides will take  you to and from all official DDW locations daily between 11:00 and 18:00. Additionally, there are fixed stops at:

  • de Trudo Toren (Strijp-S)
  • Piet Hein Eek
  • Stadhuisplein
  • Fuutlaan
  • Sectie-C

Want to grab a Design Ride from another DDW location? Then call +31-40 218 00 00. At peak hours or during rain, a Design Ride may not be instantly available, therefore you may have to wait.

Please note: Do you not have a DDW wristband? Unfortunately, you can not ride along with the Renault Design Rides. 

Zonnebloem car for wheelchair users

DDW visitors who use a wheelchair can  enjoy complimentary transportation to and from all DDW locations by a Zonnebloem car free of charge during DDW, upon presentation of their DDW wristband. The Zonnebloem car can be reserved every day during DDW between 11:00 and 18:00 by calling 040 218 00 00. 

Please note: The car must be reserved 60 minutes in advance.

Rental bikes

All DDW locations are easy to reach by bicycle. This year, Adams Fietsverhuur will be providing rental bikes. You can rent one at Ketelhuisplein and Fuutlaan. There are three different bikes for rent, a kickbike, regular bike and a tandem.
Opening hours: every day from 10:30 - 18:00 hrs.

Please note: Rental is possible only upon presentation of a valid identification document, and payment can be made using a debit card or credit card.


OV-bikes are available for rent from the guarded bicycle parking areas on the North and South sides of Eindhoven Central Station during DDW. Please note: you need a free OV-bike subscription to be able to rent an OV-bike. Returning the OV-bike is possible at both locations at the station. Up-to-date information about the availability of the OV-bikes can be found in the NS Reisplanner app.

Opening hours OV bicycle parking during DDW

Opening hours during DDW:
Northside bicycle parking (Neckerspoel):
06:30 - 22:00 (Monday to Sunday)
Southside bicycle parking (Stationsplein):
04:55 - 01:25 hrs (Monday to Thursday)
04:55 - 01:55 hours (Friday)
05:50 - 01:55 hours (Saturday)
06:35 - 01:25 hours (Sunday)

You can also find the opening hours in the NS Reisplanner app.

Public transport - City busses

Most DDW locations can be easily reached by Eindhoven city busses. In addition to using your public transport card (OV-chipkaart), you can also pay for your trip with your phone or smartwatch (if they support contactless payment), or with your debit card or credit card. For this, you need to enable contactless payments. Check to plan your bus trip.

Below you can find which bus lines go to which Area/location.
Bus lines:
The following city busses will take you from Eindhoven Central Station (CS) to the DDW areas:
NB: each bus line from CS station has only one departure direction, so all buses, e.g. bus 401, depart in the same direction. On the way back to the station, take the same bus line(s) with destination 'Station CS'.

Area Strijp-S

Bus 401 or 402 or 403 - Bus stop Strijp-S

Area Strijp T – BioArt Laboratories

Bus 10 - Bus stop Philips Fruittuin
Walking distance from bus stop: 7 minutes

Area Strijp R - Piet Hein Eek

Bus 401 or 402 or 403 - Bus stop Cederlaan 
Walking distance from bus stop: 10 minutes

Area Plan-B

Bus 401 or 402 or 403 - Bus stop Hurksestraat 
Walking distance from bus stop: 7 minutes

Area Hallenweg

Bus 15 or 16 - Bus stop Rivierstraat 
Walking distance from bus stop: 4 minutes

Area Centre - Smalle haven

Bus 7, 11, 17, 24, 317, 318, 320, 324, 407, 408 - Bus stop Smalle Haven

Area Canal – NRE

Bus 5 - Bus stop Havenhoofd
Walking distance from bus stop: 3 minutes

Area Canal - Kanaaldijk Zuid

Bus 5, 24, 320, 324 - Bus stop St. Jozephburch
Walking distance from bus stop: 7-10 minutes

Area Sectie-C

Bus 5 - Bus stop Hageheldlaan
Walking distance from bus stop: 4 minutes

For the most up-to-date information on departure times, always check first.