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Could anyone be able to resist the temptation of not eating their very own delicious apple dress?

01 October 2019

This might sound like a weird question but, as a matter of fact, having this kind of a temptation is now possible... In the Dutch Design Week this year, the artist Danielle Ooms participates with one astonishing solo project that made everyone wonder.

Just imagine you walking down the street in a stylish apple dress, tempted by just eating your very own dress that is made of apples. If you are that hungry that is. Even if you are not, this dress is capable of making you feel like that and also creates a feeling of you being in some way connected to nature...


... Which is Danielle Ooms`s (TU/e) graduation artwork all about. The main goal of this project is to contribute to a more environmentally friendly and circular fashion.


 Shockingly as it may sound, the artist found the answer in apples. To make people be more part of nature and raise awareness to live a more sustainable life as well - Ms.Ooms has decided to use biodegradable apple-based material for the design of her new dress that will be presented at the Dutch Design Week.


 The material of the dress is similar to leather but without a harmful impact in nature. The intention of the artist is also to grow the desire for the aesthetics and feel of the innovative material and clothing.




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Location and opening times:

Veem Veem building, 8th and 9th floor (side entrance) Torenallee 1005617 BE Eindhoven19 to 27 October, every day from 11:00 a.m to 18:00 p.m   Accessible for the disabled and fun for the kidsFree access


Author: Denitsa Peneva