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Manifestations 2018: Will the Future Design Us?

25 September 2018

Eindhoven is the most significant tech area of the Netherlands. It is the place where smart technologies are born. Technological innovation has a growing impact on our daily lives, our societies and our humanity. But who or what is all this technology ultimately serving? Is everyone still able to participate? Are these developments good and healthy for all of us? What role do we actually want technology to play in our lives?

Artists, like no others, are able to put technology and unstoppable developments in a different, unexpected perspective. They approach technology not as profit driven solutions to increase convenience, but instead research, play, ask and show how technology can help build a sweeter, more humane world.

These young, often recently graduated artists, are not affected by a blind love for technology; instead they approach technological developments as reciprocal: people develop technology but people are in turn also undeniably shaped by technology. A similar mutuality exists in friendships or relationships between human beings. This reciprocity between technology and humanity, this mutual influencing, is oftentimes exciting and fun, sometimes a bit problematic or scary, it can feel very close and intimate, and sometimes it is pretty distant or unkind.

Manifestations focuses the spotlight on art and projects that investigate the ‘matches’ and ‘mismatches’ between people and technology. For example, meet clothing that takes care of you, AI that teases or protects you, fighting robots or robots that just lend a helping hand. In short: art and technology with a human dimension: sometimes confrontational and other times the perfect match, but always critical, playful, recognizable and awe-inspiring.