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MINI is the proud new mobility partner of Dutch Design Week (DDW). The vision of DDW and the theme of 2022 are exactly in line with MINI's vision as part of BMW Group, which was lauded as the world's most sustainable car manufacturer in the 'car category’ of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe (DJSI) in 2020. MINI and DDW meet at the intersection of innovative, future-oriented mobility, sustainability and design and are proud of their partnership for the next years. MINI will provide the ‘Design Rides’ in the form of the all-electric MINI Electric, the plug-in hybrid MINI Countryman and other models. During the event, these will be used as a shuttle service to transport visitors between the 120 locations of DDW in Eindhoven. Aside from the MINI Design Rides, MINI also has an exhibition space where it presents its vision on design, sustainability and the future of mobility.
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MINI is straightforward, sincere and authentic. MINI blends creativity with cleverness, offering an open platform for people and design. This disruptive car brand created an icon and isn’t ready to slow down soon.

Everybody knows MINI, born in the middle of the so-called Suez crisis. A time where fuel prices went through the roof and people wondered if cars made much sense. MINI showed everybody the power of ingenious thinking, disruptive design and believing in yourself. Issigonis, designer of the iconic MINI said in 1959: “An expert is someone who tells you why you can't do something.” Alec didn’t listen to experts and created something truly unique. Today at MINI, we still love designers that shake things up and challenge the world by doing so.


From the moment the first MINI hit the road, it made an impression that lasts forever. The iconic design has evolved throughout the years, but nevertheless always stayed unmistakably MINI. Invented by the British, perfectioned by the Germans and designed by a Dutchman. Since 2009, Adrian van Hooydonk has led the design department of BMW Group and together with Head of Design Oliver Heilmer he is responsible for the design of all MINI models (as well as all BMW's and Rolls Royces).


MINI is for everyone. With a MINI, in any shape or size, you can be 100% you. At MINI, we call it BIG LOVE. BIG LOVE is all about happiness, positivity and diversity. Whatever you do or love, there is always a MINI that matches you. Because even though we are all different, we do fit together. MINI loves everyone. And everyone can love MINI.


Looking to the future, we create stories together with you about doing more with less, about small ideas with big impact and challenges that we turn into opportunities for a sustainable future. Read more about the vision of BIG LOVE FOR THE PLANET and how it is applied to the MINI manufacturing and supply chain, among other things.