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Area Sneak Peek - Hallenweg

14 October 2021

5 min. to read

© Ralph Roelse
There are 8 areas throughout Eindhoven. But what is there to see and do in each area? We’ll help you on your way with the Area Sneak Peeks! Let’s dive into Hallenweg: tagged with the letter G on the map.

Vij5 showroom // G1

Vij5 is celebrating their fifteenth birthday this DDW. For the occasion, they asked designers to create a refillable candle. The result is a wide range of unique candles. Go check them out! Vij5 also offers a collection of interior accessories, lighting, and furniture, so this is the perfect stop to do some shopping.

Atelier NL // G2

Atelier NL’s love for natural materials is reflected in the exhibitions here. Stichting Pleed demonstrates how we can dye wool blue using age-old techniques with local resources. WaterSchool by Studio Makkink & Bey shows how we can reduce water use in the production of (construction) materials. And The Linen Project investigates the economic viability of small-scale local flax cultivation and linen production in the Netherlands.

De Fabriek // G3

At De Fabriek, you'll find 2 exhibitions this year. The first is by Simone Schuffelen, who creates a 3D illusion with 2D decor pieces. Her work is based on 18th-century theatre. Also at De Fabriek, you can find an exhibition of master students in textile design from LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. 

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