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(Archive) Foundation We Are

The institute for unexpected collaboration!

This project was part of DDW 2023
-credit Evy Gobbens

Foundation We Are began with a vision to showcase design's role in supporting human rights defenders. Over time, this vision has evolved into a multifaceted approach addressing specific themes and underlying societal challenges.

Collaborative Design

Foundation We Are is committed to fostering collaborations between designers and organizations seeking innovative solutions to complex societal problems. In a world where design's relevance is growing exponentially, we've witnessed an inspiring surge in designers dedicating their expertise to tackle real-world issues. This phenomenon is evident not only in the Netherlands' political landscape but also in the increasing number of public institutions integrating designers into their teams.

This exhibition delves into Foundation We Are's journey toward becoming an international institute. We envision a future where we organize events, foster incubators, curate exhibitions, offer training programs, and spearhead design projects, all aimed at advancing the greater good. Foundation We Are aims to be your go-to hub for unexpected creative collaborations, a place where innovation, knowledge, and creativity converge.