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Kidfluencer Starterkit

Lotte Ottevanger

By Lotte Ottevanger

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“This installation is a critical comment on the exposure of children today by their parents without their consent.”

Kidfluencer Starterkit is an installation inspired by the Dutch documentary ‘Mijn dochter de vlogger’ (My daughter the Vlogger, 2019) by Doortje Smithuijsen and Joep van Osch.
The documentary shows how parents record their young children’s lives in video blogs that sometimes become a substantial source of income for the family.
With her installation Lotte Ottevanger addresses the privacy of the children whose lives are put online without their permission. She wants parents to think twice before they put a child’s entire history online, because this can have all sorts of consequences for their future lives, even resulting in scamming and identity theft.