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Frame and Dutch Design Week have a lasting partnership that enhances their shared vision. Frame is the world’s leading media brand for future-curious interior design professionals. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Frame has today become a media brand that empowers interior designers and architects to create spatial excellence. Both future-facing and solution oriented in approach, the ethos of Frame and DDW go hand-in-hand.

“Having Dutch roots ourselves, we’re proud to have a long-standing partnership with DDW, the biggest showcase of the country’s ingenuity. Like DDW, we continue to explore the future of design and put new ideas firmly on the map.” Robert Thiemann, Frame Founder

As part of its vision, Frame has launched Frame Awards and Frame Lab. Frame Awards honour the world’s best interiors and the people behind them, while Frame Lab explores the future of spatial design through an immersive blend of talks, multisensorial exhibitions and workshops.

How will we live, work, shop and relax in the future? New technologies drive innovation at breakneck speed. How can we harness them to better address human needs and global issues? For two full days, Frame Lab is the global stage to explore what’s next in spatial design.

From incorporating technology to fostering collaboration via the circular economy, Frame Lab 2019 has four content tracks so you can design your experience around your personal interests. Each track explores innovation in retail, hospitality, shows, institutions, work and residences through a combination of talks, workshops, roundtables and brand experiences.

At Frame Lab, future-curious designers and architects, forward-thinking innovators, industry luminaries and visionary brands explore the future of spaces. Will you be one of them?

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