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7 sneak previews for DDW20

06 October 2020

In the run-up to Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020, we will share a bunch of virtual programme previews to make it easier for you to navigate through the online DDW programme.


In the future, passwords will not be enough to protect our identity, both on- and offline. Biometrics, such as fingerprint and iris scans, have their own limitations. In this experimental project, this group of young designers and engineers speculate about a very intimate alternative to these methods. 


ASMR, the trend that turned into its own category of entertainment, has taken the internet by storm. Valdís Steinarsdóttir will use the tantalizing genre to show off her new natural materials during her virtual #DDW20 event.

The IKEA virtual greenhouse

The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse is a series of masterclasses, live talks and interactive experiences by expert creatives in food, wellbeing, sustainability and botany. From mood flowers to urban foraging to caring for bees, they’re designed to help cultivate a more sustainable, balanced life at home.

IMPAKT Festival presents: Global Warming Hot Yoga Studio by Pinar Yoldas

Join this collective sweating experience in the face of climate change, streamed from their yoga studio in Utrecht. The performance by interdisciplinary designer Pinar Yoldas is a special preview of the upcoming IMPAKT Festival 2020: Zero Footprint (28 Oct - 1 Nov). You can also practice the (recorded) class throughout DDW.


Medical encounters can leave a deep mark on the psyche of a child. They are often unnecessary frightening and stressful. That’s why designer Josephine de Fijter conceptualized a sensory object that aims to develop a trust relationship between clinician and child.

The Carwash Collection

Born from the designer’s fascination for mechanical creatures the collection consists of three carwash objects that can be experienced outside the mechanical space. By featuring their machinic – yet animistic qualities – Carlijn Olde Beverborg encourages people to build a relationship with objects.

The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports (WFSDS)

WFSDS shifts our focus from plastic balls to edible spheres using circle recognition technology to generate a virtual sport. Watch this season when WFSDS launches over a grocery store “Belt Cam” in Helsinki.