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Area Sneak Peek: Sectie-C

12 October 2021

3 min. to read

Sectie-C © Max Kneefel
There are 8 areas throughout Eindhoven. But what is there to do in each area? We’ll help you on your way with the Area Sneak Peeks! Today, we take a closer look at the makers and designers of Sectie-C, a very charming and characteristic area. Stroll from studio to studio and catch the designers at work in their workplaces. Small tip: use the indication E1, E2 etc., to find the locations on the map. Handy!

Sectie-C // Hall 10 // E10

Design studio Studio Speciaal brings a wide range of artists' and designers' work together in the exhibition Displaced. Borders fade, opposites are sought and crooked is the new straight.

Sectie-C // Hall 10 // E11

MUSA intimates
Panties from a banana plant? It is possible! At least, if it were up to the designers of MUSA intimates. They transform the green waste from the banana tree into a valuable and sustainable raw material for lingerie. 

Mutual darkness of objects
Frustrations about a bathroom mat are the starting point for Lindsey Bundel's Mutual darkness of objects. The artist allows themself to be affected by alienation and chaos around her. In this project, this is playfully reflected in 28 ceramic bathmats in scale.  

Beyond Metals
Studio Thus That shows the world behind metal in the exhibition Beyond Metals. Here you can see the waste from the production of metals such as aluminium and copper depicted in all kinds of household articles. 

Food Court Sectie C // 9

Besides the many studios you can walk in and out of, Sectie-C is also known for its good atmosphere and cosiness. Not least because you can score a nice special beer. Goes great with an authentic taco or pizza!

Want to discover more about Sectie-C? Dive into the programme. Click on Area / Sectie-C and select your favourites.

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