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DDW for kids

13 October 2021

2 min. to read

BYOR © Remco Nagtzaam
Every year, it's a frequently asked question: what is there to do for children at DDW? The answer is obvious. Lots! DDW is the perfect event to go out and discover things with fresh eyes. Something children are very good at. Of course, this list is not complete, but some projects might be extra fun. Check it out!

Strijp S

Space Garments
Antoine Peters brings a smile to your face with his Space Garments: surprising, playful and humorous clothes and sculptures.

© Antoine Peters

Portal Eindhoven
Take a step into the past, through an interactive gateway and go back to Eindhoven in the Middle Ages.

Station Area

BYOR // Build Your Own Robot 
Who doesn't want to build their own robot! At BYOR, you can easily upgrade your toy to a robot.



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"My little niece can do that too"
Designer Joni Veizaj translates crafting techniques into production techniques and shows the fun of making. This way, furniture making becomes child's play!

Strijp T+R // Piet Hein Eek

Let your children discover the music of the past in an interactive installation and web application Groef How? By putting your phone on a record player.


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Illusion of stability
The normal function of furniture gets a hard time in this exhibition where tables, cabinets and other objects playfully balance and defy gravity.