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Area Sneak Peek: Plan B

15 October 2021

3 min. to read

© Iris Rijskamp
There are 8 areas throughout Eindhoven. But what is there to see and do in each area? We’ll help you on your way with the Area Sneak Peeks! Let’s dive into Plan B: tagged with the letter H on the map.

Plan B // H1

9 days, 216 hours, 12.960 minutes … Every day of DDW is centred around a certain number in the exhibition The greater number in numbers. Artists, designers and performers are matched to a certain digit that matches their practice. How? You just have to check for yourself! Fun fact: you can even spend the night here in a pop-up hotel with designer tents. Also, make sure to check out the many other projects and events in the building!

Studio mo man tai // H2

Studio mo man tai is known for its colourful designs that put a smile on your face. And that’s something you just cannot get enough of. The installation Too much is never enough clearly show this and offers a sneak peek into the minds of the designers, who built it completely from left-over materials.

Fashion Tech Farm // H3

The name kind of gives it away: the Fashion Tech Farm is a place where fashion and tech meet. In the expo Fashion, wearables and textile innovation, you’ll find more than projects made by fashion students and multinationals and everything in between. They showcase their take on the future of tech fashion under the influence of corona. What will we wear a few years from now? Find out at the Fashion Tech Farm!

Want to discover more about Plan-B? Dive into the programme. Click on Area / Plan B and select your favourites.

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