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Application process

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for DDW20 is closed. Registration for DDW21 will open Spring 2021.
Step 1

Create a My DDW account to be assigned a personal web account and profile. Make sure you complete this profile as well as you can, as the more we know about you as a design professional, the better we will be able to make relevant connections on your behalf. For example, with press, possible clients, and partners.

Through your My DDW account, you can apply with a project for the virtual programme of DDW20. Within four weeks, you will receive a response of the selection committee.

Please note: Applications submitted to the selection committee via email will not be accepted.

Step 2

If your project for the online festival of DDW20 has been approved, you can start uploading the practical information and virtual content for your online event. Make sure you do this before Monday 7 September, because that is when the 'preview' of the DDW20 programme will be available online for press, professionals and visitors of the online festival.

The uploaded content will be translated to a virtual 3D exhibition as part of the online DDW programme. You will receive an email with more information on how to create your 3D exhibition.

Step 3

If applicable, you will receive an invoice for the participation fee.