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Application process

Want to apply for DDW21? On this page we explain in three steps how to submit your application!

Step 1

Register (or log in with) your My DDW account. Make sure you fill in your My DDW profile as completely as possible. The more we know about you as a design professional, the more relevant connections we can realise for you. Think of press, potential clients and partners.
Via your My DDW account, you can then apply with your project(s) for participation in DDW21. You will receive a response from the programme team within four weeks. Note: the programme team will not consider applications submitted solely by e-mail.

Step 2

When your project has been approved for participation in DDW21, you will receive an e-mail with more information about registering your DDW location (the place where your activity or exhibition will take place).

  • Do you already have a location? Then enter it in your My DDW account, where you'll find a list of locations.
  • Do you have a location but can't find it in the standard list? Register your location within your My DDW account.

Step 3

When we know the location of your participation, it's time for the next step. Your visibility in the online DDW programme. In this stage, you upload all relevant content and practical information about your DDW participation. You will receive an e-mail with more information about how to do this. If applicable, you will receive an invoice for the participation costs by e-mail.