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Costs of participation

In previous years, we did not charge a fee for participation to individual designers and smaller studios, due to the corona measures. This year, we will charge this fee again. Do you have any questions about this? Please contact the programme team.

Overview of costs and tickets

Depending on the category in which you or your collective/organisation falls, participation fees will be charged. This also includes the number of free DDW tickets and discounted tickets you receive as participants. See below which category applies to your participation:

  Participation fees DDW23
Exhibition (9 days) + activities
Participant Fee Tickets included Tickets with discount*
Individual Designer / Design Studio / Design Collective ≤ 5 participant / employees € 100,- 2 tickets 5 tickets
Design Studio / Design Collective
> 5 participants / employees
€ 500,- 4 tickets 10 tickets
Organisation Small (≤ 20 employees), Educational and Cultural Organisations € 850,- 5 tickets 10 tickets
Organisation Medium (21-40 employees) € 1.750,- 10 tickets 15 tickets
Organisation Large (> 40 employees) € 3.500,- 15 tickets 20 tickets

*As a participant you can buy a limited number of tickets with a €5 discount per ticket. The main applicant will receive the discount codes. Are you registering with several people? Then you are jointly responsible for the distribution.

Important: The above information only applies if DDW goes ahead. All information regarding included tickets is subject to change. You cannot derive any rights from this.

Please note that participation may also involve venue and production costs, which are not included in the participation fee. Consider additional costs, such as:

  • Venue hire. More information on different types of venues can be found here.
  • Travel and accommodation costs / catering / hosting.
  • Insurance costs.
  • Costs for (the production of) the presentation of your project.

Are you also organising (short) activities as a participant? Keep in mind that both visitors and your team members must be in possession of a valid DDW ticket at all DDW locations that are only accessible with a ticket. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at

What does the DDW team take care of?

For all official DDW participants, we take care of the following:

  • Listing on the (free) DDW floor plan with a circulation of 70,000 (only when participating with a 9-day expo).
  • Own programme page within the online DDW programme on Here, visitors can find information about your organisation, project location, opening hours, logo, special events, themes, photos and videos.
  • Numbered location sign (for location managers). This sign corresponds to a location number on the map and helps visitors spot your location. Please note: for multiple participants at 1 location, 1 location number is used (this sign is only available for 9-day exhibitions).
  • DDW tickets: Depending on the participant category and the associated fee, you will receive a number of DDW tickets for your own use. Check here how many tickets are available per category.
  • Support in finding the right location for your project.