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Design Rides

Do you want your design to be visible throughout Eindhoven during DDW23? Check this page for more information about our Design Rides!

Design an object

During DDW over thirty Design Rides will drive through Eindhoven. These are cars that are estimated to bring 60,000 visitors to and from any DDW location in about 18,000 rides. All Design Rides carry a unique object on their roof, designed by DDW participants. The Design Rides and the objects on the roof are real eye catchers throughout the city for nine days.

How to participate?

Do you also want to design and make an object for a Design Ride? Please let us know at the indicated area of your application form. Have you been approved to participate in DDW23? Then you will receive an email from the Design Rides team containing an application link. Conditions and specifications are included in this email.


No fees are charged for participating in the Design Rides. However, you are responsible for any material and production costs for making the object.

Would you like more information about the conditions and how to register your design for one of the Design Rides? Email to Marloes Philipse.