Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about participation in Dutch Design Week. Please check the answers below before contacting us.

What will DDW look like this year?

The festival will take place both online and offline. The online festival will last for 9 days and consists of various content formats and the possibility to visit exhibitions in 3D rooms. The significantly smaller offline festival will also last for 9 days and consists of set locations spread out over design area’s. Visitors must buy a day ticket and plan their visit per area. Per area, a timeslot is given of max. 2,5 hours.There is a maximum number of visitors allowed per area and the 1,5 meter requirement must be taken into account at all times. DDW20 takes place both online and offline from 17-25 October 2020.

I would like to take part in DDW20, how can I submit my project?

You can submit your project for DDW20 via [link]. Based on the selection criteria the programme team evaluates if your application is suitable for DDW20. In case of approval, your project will automatically be part of the online festival.

Can I also take part in the live event?

In the first place designers can apply for the online festival. If you are interested in presenting your work offline and are looking for a location, please contact programme@dutchdesignfoundation.com. This year applying for the offline edition takes place via email, as the availability of live locations is very limited. The programming of these locations takes place in close consultation with the DDW programme team. Once your application has been approved, they can advise you about a suitable location. Please note: getting to a final agreement with a location is the responsibility of the participant. Due to the limited availability it is possible that the requirements of the participant do not coincide with the possibilities on site. DDW solely acts as a consultant and is not responsible for the agreement between participant and location. Please consider the best form of your DDW participation carefully and keep into account that finding a suitable location can be challenging - and might fail - due to the limited availability. Also keep into consideration that the offline event will focus on professional visitors and that the large public event will take place online.

How can I find a suitable location if I want to join the offline event?

Firstly you submit your application through the online application form. Secondly DDW will assess if your application meets with the selection criteria. Is your participation approved? Then you can start searching for a suitable location, after consulting the DDW programme team. Please read question 3. ‘Can I also take part in the offline event?’. Check the participants page for more information.

How does DDW ensure that I get visitors at my exhibition?

It is important that you make sure that you have a complete 'event page' on ddw.nl with high quality texts and images. This will be visible in the online programme from 1 September and is your showcase to the press, (design) professionals and visitors. We also use these event pages as input for communication, online content, DDW routes and pitches to the press. Because the content of these pitches is related to the press requests we receive, participation does not guarantee PR from DDW. So make sure you promote and share your event within your own network.

What does the virtual festival entail?

For the virtual festival DDW is organising a extensive programme of virtual exhibitions by designers from all over the world, livestreams, video content, DDW talks, virtual parties and more. Each approved DDW participant get’s its own digital space in which a 3D presentation can be designed. The virtual festival takes place from 17-25 October.

What are the costs to participate in DDW?

Due to the hard times the creative industry is facing in times of covid-19, DDW has decided to cancel the participation fee for 2020. Participation in DDW in 2020 is therefore free of charge for designers, design studio’s, collectives, cultural organisations and educational institutes. For companies and governmental institutions the participation fee does still apply, please see the participants page for the fees. Do you wish to participate in the offline event too? Then you have to take location costs into account. The costs will differ per location. As a participant you are responsible for making the financial agreements with the location owner.

When will my application be approved?

Each application is evaluated by the programme team of DDW based on the selection criteria (see participants page). No later than 4 weeks after submitting your application you will hear the results. IMPORTANT: don't forget to click on 'Submit project' to actually submit your application! The application will only be processed once the form has been completed and submitted.

When can I start uploading my content?

From the 1st of August onwards you can upload the information with regards to your project. This will be the content of your own event page within the DDW programme. Make sure you do this before September 1st, as from then on the programme preview will go live. The design of your own 3D exhibition room will follow after this step. These virtual exhibition rooms will only be accessible during the festival, from 17-25 October.

What happens if there is a new covid-19 outbreak?

We cannot predict the impact of a possible new covid-19 outbreak. We do our very best to organise a live version of the festival, but are dependent on the advice of the RIVM and the regulations from the Dutch government. Depending on the developments of the pandemic, we too will have to adjust.

When will the programme go live?

The preview of the DDW20 programme goes live on September 1st.

What is the theme of DDW20?

The theme for the 19th Dutch Design Week (DDW) will be ‘The new intimacy’. This trains the festival’s focus on the search for new forms of intimacy. A new equilibrium in a time when Covid-19 is one of the major factors accelerating our exploration of different ways of relating to each other and the world around us. More info on the 'News' page.