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The Ketelhuisplein is one of DDW's largest locations, with approximately 7,000 m2. You'll find a great festival atmosphere at this outdoor location. There is lots of activity; visitors come and go. The square is located on Strijp-S, between the much-visited Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall and surrounding DDW locations. This makes Ketelhuisplein a great and central meeting place.

Food & Drinks

You will not only find special projects on and around the square. There is also The Bar, plus a food area with various food trucks. The Bar is open all day, and starting from 17.00hrs  there are drinks and DJs to finish the day on a high note.


The Ketelhuisplein is attractive and dynamic and is based on 'do touch'. Most projects have an interactive character. Touching, interacting and experiencing are central here.

Ketelhuisplein is freely accessible without a DDW ticket.

Photos by Max Kneefel

Exhibiting at Ketelhuisplein

Ketelhuisplein is ideally suited for interactive projects. Think of do-touch installations, but also projects that engage the visitor in conversation. This outdoor location suits projects that can withstand the weather and/or are provided with a good roof. Would you like to exhibit at Ketelhuisplein? Then indicate this on the application form for DDW23, in the comments field in the 'Location' section.The selection committee will assess whether a project is suitable for Ketelhuisplein.

Please note: in order for a project to be included in the permit application, your participation on the Ketelhuisplein must be approved by 1 June at the latest. Participation on the Ketelhuisplein is no longer possible after the permit application has been submitted.

Important conditions and info

  • Permits for (projects on) Ketelhuisplein go through DDW. You do not need to apply for these yourself. However, it is essential that we receive all project information on time. Would you like to present your project at this location? Then submit your application no later than 15 May 2023
  • If your project is suitable, a programme manager will contact you to agree on matters such as square metres, plot costs (see below) and further information. Once this has been settled, the permit process will start.
  • Due to the early deadline for the permit application, we need substantive and technical information from all projects at this location before the 1st of July. Depending on the the project, this might include: 
    • explanation project & image
    • required m2
    • floor plan/technical drawing of top and side views with exact dimensions
    • material use
    • indication of doors and emergency exits 
    • Provision of a construction book (e.g. for a glass greenhouse or tent)
    • structural calculations/wind calculations
    Please note: if the required information is not supplied on time, a project will be rejected for the Ketelhuisplein and you will have to look for another location.
  • The permit application is submitted by DDW and assessed by the municipality of Eindhoven. In some cases, additional information is required. Please make sure you are available in July to provide it. Once the municipality has issued the official permit, participation can take place at Ketelhuisplein.

Good to know

  • Your participation may involve a structure and/or (design) object/construction. Bear in mind that in some cases construction and wind calculations must be made for the permit application. You are responsible for having these calculations made; please take into account additional costs. The municipality's structural inspection is carried out using the COBC guideline.
  • If your project cannot withstand rain, think carefully about a canopy. This should also be included in the permit application and must fit in with the overall appearance of the square.
  • The placement of projects and the layout of the square is determined by the Ketelhuisplein team, in collaboration with the DDW programme team. This is not up for debate. Do you have urgent questions? Contact the programme team
  • Facility supplies must be requested in August, such as extra electricity, internet, water point, waste disposal. You will find the costs further down this page. You will be sent a form to request these facilities.
  • Construction will take place in the week of 16 October, dismantling will take place on Sunday 29 and Monday 30 October. 
  • Please note that participants are responsible themselves for transport and logistics, including machines/equipment needed for the construction/dismantling.
  • A representative of your project should be present at the Ketelhuisplein at all times during the opening hours of the event.

Plot pricing

Besides a participation fee, you will also pay a plot fee for Ketelhuisplein. The table below shows the costs for the different plot sizes. All plot prices include 1x 3500W power, permits and night security and exclude 21% VAT. Do you need additional facilities? Then take into account there might be additional costs (see below).

  Small Medium Large
Area (m2) 10 - 50 51 - 100 101 - 250
Price per m2 € 155.- € 140.- € 120.-
Power 1x 3500W 1x 3500W 1x 3500W
Permit included Yes Yes Yes
Night security on the square included during the event Yes Yes Yes


Other m2 are customized (see scale below)
250 – 500 m2, €110 per m2
From 500 m2, €90 per m2


Do you want to participate as a catering participant with a food truck? Then the following applies:
Max. 20m2
€2.175 (excluding participation fee of €750)
Incl. 1x 3,500W connection, permit and night security on the square during the event.

Extra facilities

In addition to the standard amenities, it is also possible to purchase extra facilities, such as extra electricity, internet, water connection and waste containers. You can see the possibilities below.

  • Group 1: 3,500W, 230V, 16A € 425,- excl. VAT.
  • Group 2: 11,000W, 400V, 16A € 850,- excl. VAT. (high-voltage power)
  • Group 3: 2,200W, 400V 32A € 1,276,- excl. VAT. (high-voltage power)
  • Group 4: 44.000W, 400V, 63A € 1,701,- excl. VAT. (high-voltage power)

A fixed internet connection or WiFi network is available.

  • Fixed connection € 330,- excl. VAT.
  • Fixed connection with switch up to 6 x fixed connection € 378,- excl. VAT.
  • Own WiFi with stand range up to 50 m2 or up to max. 15 clients € 499,- excl. VAT.
  • Own WiFi with range stand up to 1,000 m2 or up to 150 m2 clients € 1,302,- excl. VAT.

The costs for a water connection are € 509,- excl. VAT.
If you want a supply and disposal, the costs are € 1.019,- excl. VAT.


The waste processing is included in the plot fee. Do you want your own container? Then the costs for this are € 137 excl. VAT. per container.


The organisation of DDW provides with toilet facilities on Ketelhuisplein.

If you need different facilities, this can be arranged on a quotation basis. Please contact Marloes Philipse.


By applying for Ketelhuisplein, the participant accepts the following conditions:

  • All requested information for the permit application must be known to DDW by 30 June at the latest. 
  • Mandatory opening hours: daily from 11am - 6pm, with a representative present at the presentation at all times. 
  • Maximum opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10am - 9pm, Friday and Saturday 10am - 10pm.
  • Build-up from Thursday 19 to Friday 20 October 16:00. 
  • Dismantling on Sunday 29 October (from 18:30 - 20:00) on Monday 30 October (from 08:00 - 18:00).

Read the participation conditions for Ketelhuisplein


Night security

The organisation will provide night security from Thursday 19 October to Tuesday 31 October between 18.00 and 10.00. The organisation of DDW23 is not liable for any damage as a result of theft or destruction.


Despite the presence of security, you have to insure your belongings yourself against damage and theft. This also applies to insuring any transport to and from your DDW venue. DDW is not responsible for this.


For more information, please contact Marloes Philipse or call the DDW office: +31 (0)40 296 11 50.