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Central to the creative district of Strijp-S is the Klokgebouw (translation: Clock Building). This former Philips factory is an unmissable hotspot, recognisable by... the blue Philips clock. For many this is the starting point for a visit to DDW and is always high on the list of many DDW visitors.

Exhibiting in the Klokgebouw

Would you like to exhibit in Klokgebouw? Please state your preference on the application form in the 'Location' section in the comments field. However, this is no guarantee that a spot in the Klokgebouw will be awarded to you. Is your project suitable? The programme team will contact you. Is your project not suitable for this location? You will also receive a message so that you can approach other locations.

Photos by Max Kneefel and Cleo Goossens

Latest developments and current topics

Spread over 4 halls with a total of 7,500 square meters of exhibition space, you will find a large number of national and international designers, collectives, colleges, universities and innovative companies. Here you will discover the latest developments in design research, technology, circular design, sustainability and industrial design. The Klokgebouw is also home to many World Design Embassies, where current social themes are spotlighted.

Klokgebouw is only accessible with a DDW ticket.

Plot pricing

Besides a participation fee, you will also pay a plot fee for Klokgebouw. The table below shows the costs for the different plot sizes/participant categories. All plot prices include permits and exclude 21% VAT. Do you need additional facilities? Then take into account there might be additional costs (see below).

  Extra small
(Individual Designer / Design Studio / Design Collective)
(participants with up to 20 employees)
Participants with 21-40 employees)
(participants with over 40 employees)
Price per m2 € 165.- € 195.- € 250.- € 275.-
Min purchase 4 m2 10 m2 20 m2 20 m2
Max purchase 10 m2 - - -
Lighting 1x spot lighting 1 spot per 5m2 plot space 1 spot per 5m2 plot space 1 spot per 5m2 plot space
Public WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power No 1x 3600W 1x 3600W 1x 3600W
Necessary stand walls No Yes Yes Yes


Is your desired plot size not listed or do you need more exhibition space? Then make a tailor-made agreement. Please contact

Extra facilities

Information on extra facilities (such as extra electricity, lighting, etc.) and the related fees will be provided after approval for participation in the Klokgebouw.


By participating in Klokgebouw, participant accepts the following conditions:

  • Opening hours during DDW, daily from 11.00 to 18.00.
  • Construction on Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 October, 8.30 to 18.00 (October 20 end time at 15.00).
  • Dismantling on Sunday 29 October from 18.30 to 20.00 and on Monday 30 October from 8.30 to 18.00.


For questions about your exhibition at Klokgebouw, please contact our programme team.
For questions about practical matters, please contact Marco Gelissen.
Or call the DDW office: 040-2961150.