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Microlab is a new location in the upcoming edition of DDW. It is the replacement of the popular location, the VEEM building. Microlab was built in the 1970s, where the famous Philips Matchline TVs were produced. It is one of the last remaining vacant Philips factory buildings at Strijp-S.

Microlab focuses on innovative concepts and products for a sustainable future. It is the place to discover how we will shape our daily lives in the future. What products will we use? What materials will be used and with what manufacturing processes? In addition, Microlab is the place where we look at the relationship between humans and products. What role do products play in our lives, what gives value and (how) can this be designed?

Exhibiting in Microlab

In Microlab you will find individual projects, collections or group exhibitions with a focus on applied design, craft and material research from a creative and artistic perspective. The focus for the programming at this location is the subtheme THINGS THAT MATTER, which falls under the umbrella of DDW21-theme THE GREATER NUMBER.

The exhibitions at Microlab are solely accessible with a DDW- ticket.

Participants for Microlab are selected by Programme & Community Manager Lisa Hardon ( Would you like to know more? Send an email or call the DDW office: 040 296 1150.

Is your work in line with the profiling of Microlab and are you looking for a unique location to exhibit in the heart of DDW? Then sign up! Below you can read all the practical details and costs.

Photo by Max Kneefel

Lot prices and participation fees

The participation fee in DDW21 is free this year for individual designers, design studios, design collectives and organisations, cultural and educational institutions with less than 21 employees. Other companies and large organisations do have to pay participation fees. Read more about participation fees for companies and large organisations here.

In addition to possible participation fees, you also have to pay lot costs. Participants in DDW21 and the associated participation fees are divided into categories. The same categorisation applies to the lot prices at the Microlab. Each category has its own characteristics and lot prices.
All amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT.
The overview of the lot prices can be found below.


Lot prices
Microlab Small 
10 - 100 m2
€ 75,- per m2
Incl. 1x 3kW connection and permits

Microlab Medium 
101 - 200m2
€ 60,- per m2
Incl. 1x 3kW connection and permits

Microlab Large 
201 - 400m2
€ 40,- per m2
Incl. 1x 3kW connection and permits

For other m2 sizes, custom agreements will be made.

Need more exhibition space? Please contact Romée Beernink (

Microlab terms and conditions

By registering, the participant accepts the following conditions:

Opening hours during DDW
Daily from 11.00-18.00 hrs.

Construction and disassembly
Construction is possible from Monday 11 through Thursday 14 October, 09.00-20.00 hrs.
Disassembly is possible on Monday 25 October (different times in consultation with the organisation).

The location is an empty factory hall and will be converted into an exhibition space for DDW. This affects the facilities. There is no central heating. Given the circumstances you have to take into account a temperature that depends on the weather.


For questions about participation please contact Lisa Hardon (
For questions about practical matters, contact Romée Beernink (
Or call the DDW office: 040-2961150.