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Microlab Hall

Microlab Hall is located on the edge of the creative district of Strijp-S. An unmissable building that bears its name prominently on the facade. Today this building is mainly used by creative makers as a place to collaborate, but in the 1970s, Philips still produced the well-known Matchline TVs here. The building has more than 3,000 m2 and is one of the few vacant Philips factory buildings on Strijp-S.

Various projects and expos

Microlab Hall has been one of DDW's locations since 2021 and replaces the VEEM building as a large exhibition space. You will find individual projects and collections as well as group exhibitions here.

Microlab Hall is only accessible with a DDW ticket.

Exhibit in Microlab Hall

Do you want to exhibit in Microlab Hall? Please state your preference in the registration form in the 'Location' section in the comments field. However, this is no guarantee that the spot will be awarded to you. Is your project suitable? The programme team will then contact you. Is your project not suitable for this location? Then you will also receive a message so that you can approach another location.

Please note: the venue Microlab Hall is now full. Due to the high demand we cannot accept additional presentations here anymore.

Lot prices

In addition to any participation costs, you also pay lot costs. The lot prices are divided into 3 categories: small (participants with up to 20 employees), medium (participants with 21-40 employees) and large (participants with more than 40 employees). Each category has its own characteristics. All costs are exclusive of 21% VAT. Do you need additional facilities? Then take additional costs into account.

  Small Medium Large
Area (m2) 10 - 100 101 - 200 201 - 400
Price per m2 € 75 € 60 € 40
Power 1x 3500W 1x 3500W 1x 3500W
Permit included Yes Yes Yes


Is your desired size not listed or do you need more exhibition space? Then make a tailor-made agreement. Please contact Lisa Hardon.

Extra facilities

In addition to the standard facilities, it is also possible to purchase extra facilities. Think of extra electricity, internet, water connection and waste containers.

Extra power

Due to limited power supplies in the building, an extra group (3500W, 230V, 16A) is possible in consultation. Costs for this are €405 excl. VAT.

Additional power is available in consultation and on a quotation basis.


A fixed Internet connection or WiFi network is available.

  • Fixed connection €205
  • Fixed connection with switch up to 6 x fixed connection €260
  • Own WiFi with stand range up to 50 m2 or up to max. 15 clients €380
  • Own WiFi with range stand up to 1,000 m2 or up to 150 m2 clients €1020


Microlab Hall has limited power supply. That is why DDW takes care of all LED spots. The light request per participant starts from 4 spots. The costs for these are €250 excluding VAT. After that, spots can be ordered additionally per 4 spots. Each additional 4 spots also cost €250. Do you need more than 8 spots? Please contact Romee Beernink.

Water connection

There is no water connection in Microlab Hall. This is available on request and on a quotation basis.


Each participant is responsible for the disposal of their waste. Do you want to dispose of large amounts of waste? Then this can be done on a quotation basis.

Conditions Microlab Hall

By participating in Microlab Hall, the participant accepts the following conditions:

  • Opening hours during DDW, daily from 11.00 to 18.00.
  • Construction from Monday 17 to Thursday 20 October 2022, 9:00 to 20:00.
  • Dismantling on Monday, 31 October 2022 (deviating times in consultation with the organisation).

Download the terms and conditions for Microlab Hall


Night security

In the nights from 17 to 31 October (i.e. until 1 November in the morning) there is electronic night security.


Despite the presence of security, you have to insure your belongings yourself against damage and theft. DDW is not responsible for this.


The location is an empty factory hall and is being converted into an exhibition space for DDW. This affects the facilities. There is no central heating. Therefore, take into account a temperature that depends on the weather.


For questions about substantive participation, please contact Lisa Hardon. For questions about practical matters, please contact Romée Beernink. Or call the DDW office: 040-2961150.