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Dutch Design Week (DDW) wants the bottom-up character of the festival to be guaranteed. That is why we think it is important that designers themselves have a say in the location of their activity or exhibition. Are you a participant in DDW? On this page, you can read more about how to find a suitable location for your participation.

After your application has been approved for participation in DDW, you can indicate at which location in Eindhoven your project (activity or exhibition) will take place. In this stage there are 2 options:

1. You already have a location for your project in Eindhoven

Your application has been approved for participation in DDW and you already know where your activity or exhibition will take place. In this case, the only thing left to do is to register your location as an official DDW location. This way, your location will be visible in the online DDW program and on the map. Fill in the form with all the location details via your 'My DDW' account. We will then include this information in our system. You can also indicate whether your location still has room for other participants who are looking for a location. Your location will then be included in our location overview (see point 2).

2. You do not have a location yet and you have no idea where you want or can organise your activity or exhibition.

Your application has been approved, but you do not yet have a DDW location. Finding a suitable location is the participant's own responsibility. To make this easy, we've compiled a list of locations that can accommodate DDW participants. You can see this list when you log in to your My DDW account, go to your project overview and click on your application. This list will only become visible after approval of your DDW participation. Note: It is up to the participant to approach one or more locations from the list and to discuss whether there is room. As soon as you have an agreement with a location, you give this location to us by clicking on it in the location list and then confirm your location in the pop-up.

Would you like to participate at one of DDW's own locations? Check the conditions for exhibiting in Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall and Ketelhuisplein.