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Dutch Design Week believes it is important that designers make their own choices in where they want to present their work or activity. Finding a location is your own responsibility. So it is good to know that there are dozens of locations, and of course we are happy to help. On this page you can read about the different areas, how to find a suitable location and how to register your location. Read more about permits.


DDW distinguishes eight different areas in Eindhoven during the event: Strijp-S, Strijp T+R, Sectie-C, Canal, Centre, WestHallenweg en Station. Within these areas there are several locations that participate in DDW, offering space for you to present your work.

DDW locations

DDW has three large locations on Strijp-S that are managed by our own team: Microlab Hall, Klokgebouw and Ketelhuisplein. Do you want to exhibit in one of these places? Please state your preference when submitting an application for your project in My DDW under the 'Location' section. Note that this is no guarantee the spot will be allocated to you. Is your project suitable for the DDW location of your choice? The programme team will contact you. In case your project is not suitable for a specific location, you will also receive a message as well, so that you can approach another location.

Other locations

There are dozens of locations participating in DDW, spread across Eindhoven. These are proprietary  locations of participating designers, or locations that have available square meters, for which you can apply. Do you want to exhibit at one of these places? Check the location overview within your My DDW account after your project has been approved. You have to contact one of these places yourself.

Do you have a location that you would like to make available during DDW? Check the terms and conditions here.

Finding a location, applying and linking

Has your application been approved for participation in DDW? Please let us know at which location in Eindhoven your project (activity or exhibition) will take place, and do so before the 11th of August. At this point, there are two possibilities:

A. You have a location for your project.

  • Your application has been approved and you already know where your activity or exhibition will take place. 
  • Ask the location manager to register the location in My DDW. Or do this yourself if it is your own studio or workshop since you are then location manager. 
  • Go to the dashboard in My DDW, click on the title "locations" and fill in the location form. 
  • Is the location registered? Then it will appear in the location overview in My DDW. There you, as a participant, link the location to your project.

B. You don't have a location for your project yet

Your application has been approved, but you don't have a location yet. Finding a suitable location is your own responsibility.

  • To help you, we've put together a list of locations that rent square meters to participants. After your project has been approved, you can see this location overview in the project registration in your My DDW account. 
  • You can view the possibilities of our own DDW locations: Microlab Hall, Klokgebouw and Ketelhuisplein.

Note: Participants are required to approach locations from the list themselves. Always make sure to share your project description and any wishes you might have. Also discuss whether there is enough space to present your work the way you envision it. Make clear arrangements with the location, including coordination with you and any other participants at this venue. As soon as you have an agreement with a location, you pass this location on to us via My DDW.