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MINI Design Rides

Want your design visible throughout Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2021? Check out this page for more information about our Design Rides!

The Design Rides are visible, prominent and everywhere during Dutch Design Week (DDW). For nine days straight, 35 electric Design Rides will be driving around Eindhoven to bring DDW-visitors from one DDW-location to another. Each Design Ride carries a one-off design object on its roof made by one of the DDW-participants. With 18,000 estimated rides in 2019, this form of transport enabled DDW to bring 60,000 visitors from A to B. As a result, the Design Rides and the designs on the roof are visible throughout the city.

Designing an object for the Design Rides is only possible if you have been approved to participate in DDW21.
If you want more information about making a design for one of the Design Rides, please send an e-mail to