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Programme narratives

Every year, Dutch Design Week tries to enable designers to get even more out of the week.

Last year, from the participant survey and individual conversations with individual designers, studios, venues and others from the (design) field, we picked up that participants mainly:

  • Want to get more value from connections made during DDW.
  • Are seeking better opportunities for (specific) press coverage.
  • Want to participate more effectively in DDW programming.
  • Look for better opportunities to follow up on valuable leads.
  • Would like the opportunity to present within a certain context (subject, type of work, autonomous).

So this year, we are introducing the opportunity for participants to indicate match preferences (chapter 2 of the application form)*, based on:

  • A particular design perspective (= type of work or working method, and/or related design discipline).
  • A certain mission (= a storyline on specific subjects, and/or related topics).
  • As a cluster (= schools, archives, group exhibitions or collectives (to which none or more than one of the listed missions or design perspectives apply).
  • None; if you prefer not to be linked to missions / perspectives / other exhibitors.

* Please note that we cannot guarantee all preferences. We are experimenting with this way of applying, to see if we can facilitate better matches. Of course, you are always free to pass on this option and register independently. It is definitely not our intention to box anyone in, but rather to help each participant find the best place and way to present their work and connect with relevant networks. Hopefully, this way we can increase your visibility and better anticipate valuable meetings and (business) opportunities. We will also use the preferences on our website to help visitors find your projects.

Programme narratives

The ten programme narratives are:


  • ENABLING OUR THRIVING PLANET | Human design that enhances rather than hinders earth’s natural design force.
  • CREATING OUR LIVING ENVIRONMENT | Designing our habitat, mobility and materials means creating our own liveability.
  • BOOSTING OUR HEALTH & WELLBEING | Coming up with ways to structurally improve our quality of life.
  • ACHIEVING OUR EQUAL SOCIETY | Actively designing societal systems and interactions that value everyone.
  • CHALLENGING OUR DIGITAL FUTURE | Exploring and influencing our virtual realities. 

Design perspectives

  • SIGNATURE & COLLECTIBLE DESIGN  | Artistic exploration and expression.
  • SPECULATIVE & SOCIAL DESIGN | Unexpected approaches and forward thinking.
  • PRODUCT & CRAFT DESIGN | Skilful makers of the things we use.
  • SERVICE & INNOVATIVE DESIGN | Useful, trailblazing concepts and applications.
  • INDEPENDENT & CRITICAL DESIGN | Freethinking and fuel for conversation.

Keep following DDW on the website and socials for more info and concrete examples.