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Selection criteria

Submitted applications are assessed by the programme team of Dutch Design Week. Its task is to select the projects for the upcoming edition of DDW that meet the following, determining, criteria. 

The programme team of DDW21 wishes to receive applications for projects that are:

  • Design related;
  • Contemporary (thought up, created or made in the past year) and not previously shown at DDW in the exact same manner;
  • Innovative, relevant and/or adding to existing ideas;
  • Well considered, thought through and ready for presentation;
  • Both in idea and execution original and distinctive, or experimental.

Additionally, the programme team encourages projects to:

  • Stem from a cooperation between designers, business, science experts, industry leaders and/or knowledge institutes;
  • Come from a diverse background and/or reflect on different elements of diversity and inclusivity
  • Deal with, reflect upon or endorse this year’s theme of The Greater Number.