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Selection criteria

DDW is a platform for designers from all backgrounds and, as an event, aims to give a broad picture of the design field and realistically reflect what is going on in society. The programme and community team takes this diversity and polyphony into account when assessing all applications for DDW23.

What else does the programme and community team consider? We have listed the criteria for you below. This way, you can immediately see whether your project fits with DDW. You can apply with projects that meet these criteria:

  • The project fits our vision of design:
    We look ahead. Because we believe: designers shape our future, starting from and collaborating with various design disciplines. Your design strength expresses itself in creative, artistic, speculative or innovative ways. You work from an individual or social perspective, on design that is conceptual or concrete.
  • Your project was conceived, developed or made in the past year and not previously shown in this way at DDW.
  • Your work contains a professional design quality.
  • The project is original and distinctive in idea and execution. The design is innovative, or adds something to existing ideas.
  • Your work is relevant within the spirit of the times.
  • The project is ready for professional presentation.

We look forward to your application. We also specifically invite collaborations between designers, business, industry, science, policy makers and knowledge institutions to apply.

Have any questions about the application process or the selection criteria? Or in need  of assistance? We are happy to help! Send an email to, call 040 296 11 50 or drop by at our office: Torenallee 22-08 in Eindhoven.