At VEEM you will discover surprising collaborations between designers and creative makers on an international level. It is the place where established names as well as young talent present their work sharing a common ground: material development and craft. VEEM focuses on projects with a conceptual and aesthetic approach.
The exhibitions at VEEM are solely accessible with a DDW- ticket.

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Exhibition costs

Small (36-100 m2): € 75,- per m2.
Medium (101-200 m2): € 60,- per m2.
Large (201-400 m2): € 40,- per m2.

Space prices are excluding the cost of participation (see last page) in Dutch Design Week and 21% VAT.
Please note: maximum height of the exhibition spaces is 2.47 m.

Need more exhibition space? Please contact the project manager Elise de Lange.

The exhibition is held on the lower floors which are normally used as car park. Therefore there is no central heating. Th DDW organisation will take measures to make the climate on the floors as optimal as possible. Given the circumstances, you have to take into account low temperatures.


We supply a single floor-located power distribution point for each exhibition. Use of energy-efficient lighting and equipment is mandatory, as well as fire-safe materials. A sprinkler system is operational.

In connection with the building’s limited power facilities, an extra group (3600W, 230V, 16A) is possible in consultation. The related costs are € 385 excl. VAT. Three- phase power is available upon request and at extra cost.

Internet connection or wifi is available in the building

  • Wired internet connection € 190,00
  • Wired internet connection with switch to 6 x conection € 240,00
  • Own WIFI network max 50m2 or max 15 clients € 350,00
  • Own WIFI network max 1000m2 or max 150 clients € 940,00

There is no water connection available in VEEM. If you need a water point, it is available upon request at extra costs.

Participants will each be responsible for their own waste disposal. Should you wish to dispose of large quantities of waste, quotes can be requested for this.

The toilets are situated on the ground floor of Veem (Vershal).


Opening hours during DDW
Daily from 11:00-18:00 hours.

Construction and disassembly
Construction can take place from Monday 14 until Thursday 17 October, 09:00-20:00 hours. On Friday 18 October the building will be closed in connection with the judging of the Dutch Design Awards. Disassembly can take place on Monday 28 October (deviation from these times in consultation with the organisation).


Questions about participation at VEEM? Contact Programme & Community Managers Lisa Hardon and Marlies Bolhoven. Both are also available via +31 (0)40 820 03 67.

Terms and conditions

Download the terms and conditions for exhibiting in Veem below.

Terms and conditions