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Keynote Lecture Sean Carney

By Sean Carney

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In his keynote for Dutch Design Week, Sean makes a call to arms: with the world facing some of the toughest healthcare challenges of our lifetime, designers can and must step up and design with purpose.

We are starting to understand that major events just don’t happen “over there.” We are all affected by these challenges. And we must all be part of the solution. Thanks to the unique way in which designers blend an understanding of science and technology with creativity, intuition, and empathy, we have the potential to bring about fundamental change at a global level. But to do so, we be must be ready to get our hands dirty, create new value networks based around fair value sharing, and partner up.

In a world where the loudest often get the most, designers need to advocate for those without a voice. We must design for everyone, not just the privileged few.

But how? How can designers help to solve some of the toughest healthcare challenges of our lifetime? Join us as Sean explores three design approaches as well as shares real-life stories of how we already do this today. We will also hear from the winners of the Student Design Challenge, and close with a Q&A session.