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DDW20 Talks: The New Intimacy

Jorn Konijn- Saturday 17 October 2020

By Programme Team | Dutch Design Week

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Covid-19 has shrouded our entire social fabric and exposed all the threads and frayed edges.One of the most important human values, intimacy, is at stake now that physical contact is often no longer possible. How do designers reflect on this? How can they translate the value of intimacy in a creative and innovative way into their design? How can they provide ways that give us hope in these dark days?

The many social challenges facing us, such as climate change, inequality or poverty, have been further accentuated in a short space of time by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has accelerated the change in the relationship between each other, the world around us, our belongings, our health, our data and the relationship towards out government. On the one hand, our scope has inevitably become smaller and more intimate; on the other hand, the connection with the other is further away than ever. The search for a new balance has begun. A balance where an important human value such as intimacy cannot be disregarded. But on the other hand, our health and safety are also at stake and in conflicts with the desire for intimacy. Like no other, designers are able to take the lead in this. With optimism and creativity, they come up with new concepts that inspire, amaze and stimulate action. They give us an insight into how we can relate to each other and the world in the new reality.

DDW 2020 offers hope and enthusiasm, in a modest and intimate way. From the screen, straight into the warmth of the living room. That’s The New Intimacy.