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Area Sneak Peek: Canal

13 October 2021

3 min. to read

NUL ZES © Nick Bookelaar
There are 8 areas throughout Eindhoven. But what is there to do in each area? We will help you on your way with the Area Sneak Peeks! Let's go to the Canal area. Small tip: use the indication F1, F2 etc. to find the spots on the map. Handy!

De Caai // F4

In what we used to call the Campinafabriek, you will find Manifestations Art & Technology. Here you will find projects by artists who, in a funny, spectacular or controversial way, take a close look at the (mis)matches between man and technology and wonder how technology can contribute to a nicer, more human world. And while you're there, let yourself be touched by warm robot fingers in the fascinating installation of Future Affair by Laura a Dima.

Kiki & Joost // F6

In the studio of Kiki & Joost you will find the exhibition MEANWHILE. In this exhibition they reveal in a personal show what they have felt the last 2 years: creativity and pure energy of the creative process. With a cheerful and energetic exhibition of autonomous work. But also the impressive installation Fragile, for the Queen of Hearts Foundation, about the impact of preeclampsia. 

NRE // F10, F8

Both Sweetmeat and WovenBodies by Bart Hess are worth a visit. Bart works with sometimes simple materials that he transforms into something alienating. Foam, mucus, needles, biomolecules, nothing is too crazy for him. He then uses these materials in designs that often have to do with the human body. Fun fact: he designed the famous slime dress for Lady GaGa. And at Alissa+Nienke's you end up in Soft Space: a place to de-stress, in the presentation of their research into stress-reducing materials.