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Enriching reality

Designing rules for human-centered AR, VR and Voice technologies

By Rathenau

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The Rathenau Instituut hosts an online talkshow on the impact of AR, VR and Voice technologies. The talkshow will feature Rathenau researchers Dhoya Snijders and Rinie van Est, who will receive inspiring guests and discuss when AR, VR and Voice enrich our lives - and when they impoverish them.

Due to the rise of augmented reality, virtual reality and voice systems our lives are steeped in the digital world. These new forms of immersive technology map out our voices, faces, emotions and surroundings and imitate us. Take for instance facial recognition, digital face cloning and voice assistants that sound increasingly human. Our experience of the digital world also becomes more intuitive. Virtual reality transports us to virtual worlds and in augmented reality we see and hear virtual elements in physical surroundings: from text to works of art. In the talkshow we will discuss the breakthrough of immersive technology. Can we still seperate real from fake? And is a reality steeped in digital technology enriched, or impoverished?

Rathenau researchers Rinie van Est and Dhoya Snijders receive inspiring guests during a live talkshow: Artist in Residence Nicky Liebregts, Liza Cornet, who investigates the influence of VR on our self-image at Leiden University, and Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, founder of Open Voice and champion of voice technology that is more than just a gadget.