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DDW for kids

19 October 2019

Boudewijn Bollmann
Looking for the best Dutch Design Week (DDW) exhibitions and activities to go to with kids? In this article you will find some suggestions of fun and kid-proof DDW do's!

Drivers of Change, TU/e

Can a car charge itself by using the sun? Lightyear shows its first working prototype of a solar car, alongside other exciting new technological developments.

What if Lab: Leolux 2030

What's the perfect size of children's bedroom? Sit on the giant Leolux sofa and experience how the desire for living space influences your surroundings.

The Symbiocene Forest, BioArt Laboratories (DDW19 ambassador!)

Hidden a deep forest in Eindhoven lies an old bunker. It’s the home of a mysterious research centre, a place for new innovative ideas about the world we live in.


Klokgebouw is filled with the latest design project, prototypes, technology and interesting research projects. Lots to see, discover and also experience.

Turn to Learn - Enlightened (Klokgebouw, hall 1)

Turn the handle and find your favourite presentation of DDW. It’s not a map but an interactive arcade machine. A fun way to start your journey into DDW19.

Renault New Mobility (Klokgebouw, hall 2)

What does the car of the future look like? Renault shows three experimental robot-cars. Which one would you drive?

Driving Dutch Design (Klokgebouw, hall 2)

Designers are curious people, full of passion for their work. To achieve their creative ideas they often become entrepreneurs. Here they present their business ideas.

Design United (Klokgebouw, hall 3)

How can Industrial Design change the future by bridging the gap between design research and the design community?

Hyperloop (Klokgebouw, hall 3)

The Delft Hyperloop Passenger Pod & VR Experience presents a transportation system of the future. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Waterside Gobler (Klokgebouw, hall 3)

Our rivers and oceans are cluttered with plastic. But luckily this funny sea-creature is helping us solving the problem. Will you join too?

Aiml, CleverFranke (Klokgebouw, hall 3)

Aiml is a sensitive creature from the ‘Cirque du Data’. She reacts to the moods of her surroundings by making a drawing. By doing so she teaches us how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning works and how we can use them. How will she draw you?

Chairwave, VOUW (Klokgebouw, hall 4)

You sit down and suddenly more seats next to you appear. Chairwave stimulates interaction between strangers in the public space. Who are you sitting next to?

Flying V - TU Delft & KLM (Klokgebouw, hall 4)

TUDelft developed a radical new airplane. Passengers don’t sit in the belly of the plane, but in its wings. See it for your self in this life-size mock-up.

Biobasecamp (Ketelhuisplein)

This column made of tree trunks looks like a modern treehouse and shows how wood can be a sustainable alternative for concrete.

Growing Pavilion (Ketelhuisplein)

Funghi gross? No they are the material of the future! This Growing Pavilion is made entirely of mycelium, the root of a mushroom! Go and see it for yourself!


VEEM is an exciting location during DDW. On Floor 3, United Matter shows a bio-based alternative for glitter and you can meet Fiffy the Robot by Burg Giebichtenstein. Look through VR-glasses on floor 7 and go to Manifestions on floor 9. Here you can see how technology will give us superpowers in the future. And who will win the Public Award of Dutch Design Awards thos year? You can vote in the exhibition.

What a Time to Be Alive (TAC)

 The future will be great! There are endless possibilities and anything is possible. These designers give you glimpse of their enchanting future.

Philips Design Awards Show (Philips Designmuseum)

Every year Phillips Design wins lots of design competitions. This exhibition gives a behind the scenes look at what it means to be a design winner.

Precious Plastic (VDMA)

Precious Plastic is an open source community aiming to find new solutions for plastic waste. Try it yourself during one of the daily workshops.

GEM-Tower (Markt)

Festivals will become more and more sustainable with the use of GEM. This special and brightly coloured tower generates energy from wind and daylight and stores it in a battery. A summer full of care free partying guaranteed.

H.E.R.B.S., Nienke Hoogvliet

Herbs are an eco-friendly alternative to all kinds of harmful chemicals used in the textile industry. See how it works by dying a T-shirt with one of the three herb mixtures.