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7 sneak previews for DDW20

22 September 2020

© Planetary Personhood
In the run-up to Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2020, we will share a bunch of programme previews to make it easier for you to navigate through the online DDW programme.


For the fifth year in a row, this is where art, culture and technology meet. This year this will happen both on the internet and in Eindhoven. With works from mostly young designers that question our relationship with technology, Manifestations will give you a new perspective on design and innovation.


Martina Taranto developed a sculptural material ‘Viral Nature’ that can host life. The growing installation puts forth an encouraging vision of an equal world, open to a balanced coexistence with nature.


Future scenarios often go like this: a smooth, able-bodied guy swipes through even smoother, floating interfaces in his Internet-of-things home where everything is connected. Seems great… unless you don’t have hands. DOTS is a system that empowers people with disabilities to be a part of this future.


Can we imagine an alternative economic system that does not worship unlimited growth as its ultimate goal? Economia challenges the foundations of our economy in playful and surprising ways. The exhibition establishes a fresh point of view on the notion of value and economic growth.

Planetary Personhood

Can we be kind to a planet, even without “life”? That is what @nonhuman-nonsense tries figure out with Planetary Personhood; an ‘interplanetary campaign’ pursuing radical space decolonization. The project proposes independent personhood for the entire planet Mars, and considers the possibility of solidarity with the entities already there - the stones!

United Matters

United Matters - the MA Material Futures graduates from Central Saint Martins, London - use design as a critical tool to make sense of the complexity of the 21st Century. Their approaches are as diverse as their interests: from bio-engineering to traditional puppetry.


Agora is a therapeutic tool that supports cancer patients during their treatment. As if having the disease isn’t bad enough, pain and anxiety during treatment make the experience extra arduous. The students who designed Agora will be available to chat live during #DDW20. Check out their programme page for the times.