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Vruchtvlees Awards

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Together with Vruchtvlees, Dutch Design Week moved their physical festival completely online. Browse the program, fly through one of the 800 digital exhibitions, attend live talks and chat in real-time with the participating designers.

The Dutch Design community could easily schedule a live stream, chat or create a digital exhibition, and add it to the digital program themselves. To create tangible experiences online, we needed to redefine what makes a space. The designers set an ambiance by playing with colours, the shape of the room (sharp and edgy or round and warm) and the amount of light, sound and video. With a custom build interface and presets, designers can personalize their digital exhibitions with ease.

Over 800 digital exhibitions were created, forming a total length of 126.307 kilometers. Online conversions have increased by 200%. And the visitors remained on the site for an average time of 6:20 minutes.

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